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Working with reputation expert Rob Brown

Rob Brown is an expert on building your reputation. He even has a book on it called How To Build Your Reputation: The Secrets Of Becoming The ‘Go To’ Professional In A Crowded Marketplace which you can buy at Amazon.

He has also created Volumes 1 and 2 of The Successful Networking Follow-Up Guide, and The Ultimate Objection Handling Script Manual. In addition he co-authored a book called The Business Of Professional Speaking.

He gave me copies of all of these, and here is what they look like when I laid them out in my home…

Rob Brown - How To Build Your Reputation book and more 640

Not only that, but Rob has a whole series of Special Reports and Pocket Guides, some of which you can download for free from his main site.

Rob wanted to create more higher-priced products to sell to his clients and prospects, so he asked my advice. In this short video he explains how I supported him…


How I created the video…

  • I took the raw video footage and imported it into the ScreenFlow app on my Mac. (I use Final Cut Pro if I want slicker edits with zooming in on photos, more elaborate cross fades, and so on.)
  • I added the text and images in ScreenFlow to make the video more interesting to watch. I also added the zoom in and zoom out elements to help keep people watching.
  • I exported the video in .mp4 format and uploaded the video to my Amazon S3 account using the Easy Video Suite app. Easy Video Suite comes with a video player plugin so I can add videos to this site. This is much more elegant than using YouTube which looks amateurish, especially at the end when the viewer is presented with a matrix of other videos to watch that weren’t created by me! 🙂
  • I ‘scrubbed through the video and found the ideal frame to use for the thumbnail image which is shown before you press the Play button and uploaded that into Easy Video Suite.

I really like Easy Video Suite and I highly recommend it.

If you want to talk with me about adding videos to your site; filming and editing them; putting them in a protected area and creating a sales pages to sell them; and so on – then get in contact for a free no obligation phone call or Skype call.


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