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New video regarding The Effort-Free Life System

I have just finished working on this video to announce the upcoming soft launch of the new version of The Effort-Free Life System. Soon it will go on a special landing page with a signup box on the right of the video so people can enter their name and email address to access some free material to help them make great strides forward in their lives.

But I thought I’d add it to this site so you can have an early look at the video…

I’d love to show with you how I created this video. All you have to do is share this page and you’ll be able to see extra content, which consists of 9 ‘secrets’ and 8 ‘behind the scenes’ photos…

Small, daily actions can lead to big results over time: Strumstick example

At Christmas a couple of years ago I treated myself to a Strumstick. It looks and sounds like a guitar but it’s easier to play.

I had almost zero musical experience or skill at the time. I committed to playing a minimum of 3 minutes every day.

Why 3 minutes?

Because no matter how tired or unmotivated I may be to practise, I can always do 3 minutes.

Sometimes I did more than 3 minutes.

A few days I did 15 minutes of practice.

But no matter how long I practised on any one day, I always did my 3 minutes the next day.

Here’s a video showing how far I got with one track after 30 days of practice…


I can now play about 20 songs. Here’s another: When The Saints Go Marching In…

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My stand-up comedy debut at Dirty Dick’s in London

I recently attended a stand-up comedy workshop with Tim Dingle. It was great fun, and I learned a lot. Tim is the MC (Master of Ceremonies) at regular standup comedy nights at Dirty Dick’s pub opposite Liverpool Street Station in London.

This is me at Tim’s workshop, which was held at Dirty Dicks…


…and this is the outside of the pub…


After the workshop I did my comedy debut there in February 2014. My slot was 5 minutes, and I got some good laughs. There were about 50 people in the audience, and several friends.

A big thanks too to Chris Head for his brilliant support: I’ve just finished his 10-evening stand-up course which has been great fun and very enlightening. I have no interest in being a standup comedian: I just want to be able to add more humour to my talks, workshops and videos.