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Psychotherapist Shelley Bridgman interviews Chris Payne about LifeTools, internet marketing, and more

Shelley BridgmanShelley Bridgman is a psychotherapist and stand-up comedian who has written a terrific book, which I’ve read cover to cover, called Stand-Up For Yourself:  Become The Hero Or Shero You Were Born To Be. Shelley offers gender identity counselling and has been working in this field for over 20 years.

She heard me speak at Sarah Staar‘s London Internet Marketers Group Meetup, and asked to interview me.

The interview is broken into 5 parts.

In this first video I talk about how I set up my business LifeTools and grew it to a multi-million dollar business with 50,000 customers, mailing up to a million sales letters a year in the UK. I mention or show: MindLab, MindLab Proteus, Kindred Spirit magazine, Europress, Derek Meakin, Fun School educational software, Mini Office 2, Mini Office Professional, Computer Trade Weekly, Chris Anderson, Personal Computer Games magazine, Future Publishing,, New Computer Express, Games X magazine, Paul Scheele, Pete Bissonette, Learning Strategies Corporation, Paul McKenna, Atari ST User, Electron User, graphic designer Wendy Barratt, and Tools For Exploration (Terry Patten)…


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