1-OPON – Christopher John Payne


You may have heard of an internet marketer called Phil Wiley. His daughter, Kate Buckland, came to interview me and we recorded these 3 videos. Enjoy…

Video 1: I explain briefly about my history with LifeTools, the profile of people interested in affiliate marketing; why you need to have at least a free pdf or low-price pdf as a way to get people to sign up to your email list; we’re all leading experts in one subject: ourselves




Kate recorded the following testimonial for me…


Having watched these videos, do make notes:

  • what was of most value?
  • what one, two or three actions can you take as a result?
  • what one daily or weekly habit can you commit to?

You may be interested to know how I created these videos. We used 3 cameras…

  1. Kate’s low-price camcorder films both of us at once
  2. my Canon semi-pro camcorder with shotgun mike films just me
  3. my iPhone on a tripod filming Kate over my shoulder

I then paid a guy who works at a local Apple Store to come and teach me how to use Final Cut Pro on my Mac to create ‘multi-cam videos’ – and we created the 3 edited videos you see here. I agreed with Kate that, as I had paid for the editing, and provided the content, I could use these videos as I saw fit, and she was free to do what she wanted with these videos too. You might want to set up a similar arrangement with an expert that you know or can approach.

Let me know on the contacts page if you have any feedback or questions for me: I’m here to help, as always.