Christopher John Payne

Would you like to turn your skills and knowledge into additional revenue for yourself?


If you want a new or improved revenue stream for your business, I have developed a series of step-by-step, easy-to-follow systems to make it easy for me – and you – to turn information into profit.

Mostly, over the last several years, I have created…

  • 74 CD- or DVD-based products
  • 4 paper-based products
  • 9 free ebooks
  • 8 non-free ebooks
  • 1 video-based product

Here’s me with some of my ebooks which I have had printed out and bound…


Me surrounded by ebooks as a slide-600

The non-free products I have created range in price from $7 to $1,497.

One of them alone, The Effort-Free Life System, brought in $3 million in sales revenue.

Check out the articles and blog posts on this site to find out more. You can even get one of these products for free now – Knowledge Jackpot – by going here.

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